Sparkrock 365 Upgrade Process - Customer Guide

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Sparkrock 365 is committed to continuous improvement, providing you with a stable, secure, and feature-rich platform. We achieve this through a tiered update strategy, delivering regular updates that address bug fixes, introduce new features, and ensure compatibility with the latest Microsoft technologies.


Frequency of Updates

Here's a breakdown of our update schedule:


Update TypeFrequencyDescription
Maintenance ReleasesWeekly (Weekends)Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements to maintain system stability.
Minor UpdatesEvery 2 to 4 Months Introduce new features and functionalities based on customer feedback and industry trends.
Major UpdatesUp to Twice a YearDeliver significant feature enhancements and system overhauls to keep Sparkrock 365 at the forefront of innovation.
Hotfix UpdatesOn-demandRare critical issue updates addressing system stability/functionality, with proactive notification to impacted customers.


Upgrade Process Steps

  1. Development & Internal Testing: Sparkrock develops and thoroughly tests the new release internally before making it available to customers.
  2. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)*: Sparkrock invites customers who wish to participate in UAT to test the new version in a dedicated sandbox environment named "UAT." Sparkrock willl provide release notes outlining the new features and changes. Note: UAT is only available for Minor and Major 
  3. UAT Testing Window: Sparkrock grants UAT participants 10 business days to test the new release.
  4. Production Upgrade Scheduling: During the UAT window, Sparkrock Customer Success will communicate several upcoming dates for production upgrades. You can choose the upgrade "wave" that best suits your schedule. Sparkrock will provide at least two weeks' notice and include the release notes with this information.
  5. Upgrade Reminders: The morning before your scheduled upgrade, you will receive a reminder notification.
  6. Customization Management: Sparkrock consultants will proactively remove any customizations that might impact the upgrade process.
  7. Post-Upgrade Customization Installation: Once the upgrade is complete, Sparkrock consultants will reinstall the latest versions of your customizations.
  8. Upgrade Completion Notice: Sparkrock will notify you once the upgrade to Sparkrock 365 and MySparkrock is finished.
(*) Weekly maintenance updates containing minor defect fixes and performance enhancements to maintain system stability do not undergo User Acceptance Testing (UAT) or other customer testing phases. These updates are implemented after thorough internal testing.
Who Gets Notified?

Customers can opt-in to receive important notifications from Sparkrock, including upgrade information and system health alerts. To manage your notification preferences, please contact your Sparkrock representative.


What Happens If An Issue Is Discovered During UAT?

If you encounter any critical issue during UAT testing, Sparkrock will provide a solution before your production upgrade. This may involve a hotfix, a temporary workaround, or a delay in your upgrade while a fix is developed. Sparkrock will keep you informed throughout the process.


What Happens If The Production Upgrade Fails?

Our upgrade process is designed to be fault-tolerant. If an error occurs or the upgrade is not completed within the allotted window, the environment will automatically roll back to its pre-upgrade state without data loss. There are two main reasons why an upgrade might roll back:

  • An unexpected error occurred during the upgrade process.
  • The upgrade process neared the end of the window you configured in the Business Central Admin Center. In this case, the rollback ensures your system remains available.
  • Sparkrock will notify you of the rollback reason and promptly reschedule your upgrade for a later date.

What Happens With Sandboxes?

Sandboxes are not automatically upgraded during the production upgrade. We recommend recreating your sandboxes after the production upgrade using a fresh copy of the updated production environment. Sandboxes remaining on the older version can typically be upgraded within a week after production. If you need to upgrade a sandbox sooner, please contact Sparkrock to arrange a suitable time.


Testing Your Upgrade

For detailed guidance on testing a Sparkrock 365 upgrade within your UAT environment, please refer to our Knowledge Base Article.


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