Testing a Sparkrock 365 release

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  • Products: Sparkrock 365 
  • Summary: After receiving a new release, you will need to test it to ensure that the most important functions work as expected



A new release has been deployed to Customer environment and all regular functionality and critical processes need to be tested. 



Look up the Release Notes which can be found under New for Sparkrock 365If you cannot find the Release Notes for your destination version, please contact your Project Manager or Customer Supportsupport@sparkrock.com 

Test everything that has changed in the new release that could affect your business processes. 

Test the following significant processes*: 

A) Finance

  • Trial Balance (i.e., as at March 31, 2022) comparison with the current version and update version 
  • Test Permissions using typical user groups including Limited Access Users 
  • General Ledger and General Setup 
    • Review Company information 
    • Review Configuration Packages – ensure table associations are intact 
    • Review Report Selections and Custom Report Layouts 
    • Test Export and Edit in Excel on at least 4 pages 
    • Review G/L Setup  
    • Create and Delete an Account Set 
    • Upload General Journal Import using template - Download the template in the SR365 Help site.
  • Purchases, Payables & Procurement: 
    • Review Purchases & Payables Setup 
    • Follow own workflows to confirm: 
      • mySparkrock Expense Claim submission is intact, including mileage, expenses, and PCards if applicable 
      • Limited Access User (Finance Department Manager) functionality is intact 
      • Finance Request>PO>PI>PCM>Payment - creation, receiving, approval routing and posting is intact 
      • EFT and Check payment and voiding is intact 
      • Payment Journal posting and financial voiding is intact 
  • Sales & Receivables: 
    • Review Sales & Receivables Setup 
    • Follow own workflows to confirm: 
      • SI>SCM>Receipt Application/Unapplication>Receipt>Deposit flow is intact, including Donations/Charitable receipts (if applicable) 
      • EFT and Check receipt and voiding is intact 
  • Perform Bank Reconciliation  
  • Budgets: 
    • Copy Budgets 
    • Export to Excel, adjust and Import 
  • Fixed Assets (if applicable) 
    • Create and Acquire a Fixed Asset 
    • Depreciate an Asset 
    • Reclassify an Asset 
  • Customizations/Enhancements/Integrations (if applicable) 


B) Workforce - HR (if applicable):

  • HR Requests: 
    • Hire 
    • Additional position 
    • Details change 
    • Termination 
    • Assignment change 
  • Scheduling – create schedule from template in SR365 (if applicable)  
  • Time Entry – Enter and submit time entry in SR365 (if applicable) 
  • Configuration Packages – Ensure table associations are intact 
  • mySparkrock: (if available) 
    • My Self Service: 
      • Login successfully 
      • View My Profile 
      • View Pay statement 
      • Request an Absence (preferably with sequencing) 
      • Submit Time Entry (if applicable) 
    • Manager Self Service: 
      • View My Team 
      • Approve Absence 
    • Scheduling (if applicable): 
      • View Unit Schedule 
      • View My Schedule 
      • Create a shift 

C) Workforce - Payroll (if applicable)

  • Load Compensation Journal (Salary, Hourly, Timesheets, Schedules as applicable) 
  • Create Payroll Batch from Compensation Journal 
  • Confirm Dimension Values have moved from Compensation Journal to Payroll Batch 
  • Process and Post Payroll 
  • Post Compensation Journal 
  • mySparkrock: (if available) 
    • Check pay stub 
  • Check posted entries in GL 


Impact / Risks  

  • All functionality that is critical to the business should be tested 
  • It is highly recommended that you test all daily operations, this will reduce your organization's risks when moving the new release to Production 





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